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3rd & 4th

Day of the Dead Skeletons

Rathgar National School

Autumn trees inspired by pointilism

Rathgar National School

Life cycle of a butterfly

Rathgar National School

We have been observing and studying the amazing transformation of caterpillar into butterfly. Today we released our five butterflies: Flame, Silky, Wiggles, Victor and Cathy. We hope they will visit our plant boxes soon.


Rathgar National School

Winter time art

Rathgar National School

Habitat Study in Fairfield Park

Rathgar National School

3rd and 4th class walked down to Fairfield park and carried out a habitat investigation. We looked at the plant and animal life in Fairfield park. Here are some photos of us carrying out our investigations and observations.

1916 Newspaper Reports

Rathgar National School

3rd and 4th class have been hard at work writing articles imagining it was 1916. We first examined newspapers written about the Easter Rising from 1916. We then imagined we were journalists reporting on Monday 24th of April 1916.

Mothering Sunday

Rathgar National School

3rd and 4th class made layered paper flowers and then planted them in miniature pots for mother's day.

School of Irish Archaeology

Rathgar National School

We have been learning all about archaeology and the work of an archaeologist for the past six weeks. Mark from the School of Irish Archaeology has been teaching us about Ireland through the ages as well as what it takes to be an archaeologist!

Warm Hands Project

Rathgar National School

We applied our knowledge of warm and cool colours to create our 'Warm Hands Project'


Rathgar National School

In September we learnt a lot about bees and we even made our own bees, take a look..

As well as learning about bees in the classroom we also went to see a lovely play about bees in The Ark. We learnt about bumblebees, honey bees and solitary bees!